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Below you can see a selection of what I have worked with over the years. Everything from illustrations, posters, original art and decorative painting assignments. Do you need help with a creative project? Don't hesitate to contact me!


On behalf of Svenskt Tenn, I marbled backgrounds for the photography of their Christmas collection - Atlantis 2022.

Technique: Decorative painting / gilding


Illustrated pictures for Nordens Arks own informative, craft book for children. Available for purchase at Nordens Arks shop.

Technique: illustration / digital


In the fall of 2021, I was given free rein to decoratively paint an entire room (Kulturiet) at Kulturhuset in Skövde. The room is for events and smaller concerts and I chose to paint like a smoky mist along all the walls with a gilded pattern that reminds of sound waves. The pillars were also marbled and gilded and the kitchen got a little face lift as well.
Technique: Decorative painting / gilding


 In 2020, I illustrated two new motifs for Gallerix's popular birth poster collection. With these motifs, you can create your own unique birth chart by choosing framing, texts, birth data and color. When you enter your child's birth length, the length of the sketch is adjusted accordingly and printed on a scale of 1: 1, natural size.

Technique: Ink/digital



Since 2019, I have illustrated animal motifs for Nordens Ark . Every year I draw new animal motifs that they want to highlight and then print them on cups, posters, stickers and cloth bags. These products are only available for purchase in Nordens ark's own store and all profits go to their hard work in rescuing endangered animals.

Technique: Graphite pencils / digital



Together with my talented mother, Annika Wieslander I was commissioned to “illusion-paint” a gray concrete wall into a house at the restaurant Pinchos courtyard in Uddevalla.

Technique : Decorative painting / surface treatment (outdoor)


In one of Västtrafik's major advertising campaigns for the West pride festival in Gothenburg , I portrayed Västtrafik 's CEO, Lars Bäckström in "Tom of Finland style".

Technique: Graphite pencils / digital



A few years ago

Mr Perswall launched a street-art collection with some of my illustrations as wallpaper. Still available at several retailers.

Technique: Graphite / digital


I illusion painted the roller shutter window (in metal) at the restaurant The BARN in Gothenburg so it looked like wood with their logo on. During the last couple of years I’ve also had the honor to exhibit some of my original artwork there.

Technique: Decorative painting


Gallerix contacted Sanna Wieslander in 2020 and asked if she was interested in a collaboration. During creative freedom, she was commissioned to create her own version of our popular birth posters, which resulted in the wonderful illustrations "Cuddle" and "Sweet Dreams". Sanna Wieslander is an extremely talented illustrator and very professional in her work. Always a great commitment and a huge joy to her job and the projects she takes on. It shows in the result! ”
-  Jimmy Håkansson (CEO),
Gallerix AB

Feel free to take a look at my blog under the category "projects" to see more of what I've been working with over the years.

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