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Gilded globes for Slöta church.

When I worked in Falköping and did decor painting, I came into contact with Spångsjö Libergs' painting. They had started renovating Slöta church and needed someone who could gild the orbs that sit on the roof. And isn't it great that I work with gilding now as well? So I joined them and had a look at the church. Luckily I could take the globes off and bring them home with me.

This is how they looked before.

There wasn't much gold left.

Once at home, I cleaned them and primed with järnmönja (Because that's how they were treated before). Then I painted a layer of yellow linseed oil paint before it was time to add the gold leaf.

And this is how they turned out afterwards. Think what a little gold can brighten everyday life?

They look so tiny up there!

Beautiful church! Thank you for this time!



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