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Decorating sports accessories during the SM week.

As you may have seen on Instagram, I have given my longboard and skate helmet a new costume. In the middle of winter. Probably because I long for swept streets and spring, but it's actually mainly because I've been tasked to decorate sports accessories during the SM week here in Skövde. So then I must have something to show!:)

Because between February 1-4, I sat at the Kulturhuset in Skövde at their "After game" and had my entire hobby supply with me just to decorate sports accessories. Everyone who came and visited could bring their own sports items such as e.g.a helmet, ping pong rack or bandy stick and then I sat there and did a little make-over as requested. Such a fun assignment!

This is what my helmet looked like before.

...And this is how it turned out afterwards. Now it suddenly feels a little more fun to wear a helmet! I have gilded the helmet and then painted a leopard pattern on it. Then I had to take the opportunity to also change my longboard so it matches.

This is what my longboard looked like before.

Since I now work quite a lot with traditional decorative painting, I chose to marble it. This is what our dining room table looked like for a long time.

And this is how it looks so far. I will probably take and gild the trucks as well so it matches the helmet.

And this is what my little corner looked like at Kulturhuset during SM week.

There were many requests about leopard helmets. How fun! (Photo: Mattias Nilsson)

How cool?

Some helmets got some bling-bling on them. Works as a slightly more luxurious reflex?

Camilla in the picture and the owner of the helmet is also a reporter on radio Treby and did a small interview with me. The conversation can be listened to here:

I didn't have time to take so many more before and after pictures during the evening. Time just ran away! But there were a lot of helmets, a bandy stick and a ping-pong rack that got a new costume. In addition to me sitting there decorating sports accessories, the house was full of performance, live music and the after work/game mingling foyer. A really lovely atmosphere!

Me and the family with friends also took the opportunity to visit the SM area and had a look at the men when they skied cross-country and parallel slalom. Kind of cool to have such a big event so close to your own garden.

Thank you SM week and Kulturhuset for a really fun assignment! And for all of you who came in and talked and handed in your sports gear to me. Now I'm longing for spring so I can use my own "new" leopard helmet :)



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