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Summer, sun and vacation! This year we spent the holidays at home with a lot of daytrips. Of which, of course, to our dear Nordens Ark! Now it's become a tradition to visit the park together with the whole family every summer. I'm so happy to be working with them! Now it's the fourth year in a row that I illustrate animal motifs for Nordens Ark. This year we focused the spotlight on the europeian ground squirrel, northern bald ibis, vänecow and the amur tiger.

As usual, the animal motifs are printed on cups, posters, postcards, etc. and are only sold in their own charming little shop in the park. All earnings go directly to their hard work to save endangered animals.

Here are some pictures from our visit this summer. It really warms my heart to have my very own little courner at Nordens Ark!<3

Happy Sanna!

How cool?


This day it was also "the national tiger's day" and we finally got to say hello to the Amur tigers that I have portrayed earlier this year.

A sign in the park that I've been illustrating as well.