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NEW! - Sanna Wieslander goes bananas. A brand new collection where I mix old motifs and techniques with modern ones and with a touch of just... bananas! Because who doesn't get happy of bananas?  These products are sent directly from me and all fine art prints are signed by hand.


It was with these poster motifs that my artistic career really kicked off in 2013. They are drawn completely by hand from the beginning with graphite, colored pencils and markers and have then been scanned in and printed as e.g. posters and fine art prints. I no longer sell these motifs myself, but they can still be bought via my carefully selected online retailers. If you click on the motifs below, you will go directly to Printler, who prints and sends all my posters, with or without a frame, directly to mailboxes throughout Europe.


(More fine dealers around the world can be found at the bottom of the page.)