All my original illustrations are drawn entirely by hand with graphite, colored pencils and ink. They have then been printed as high quality art prints, posters and other products and can be purchased at trusted retailers.




I samarbete med Gallerix har jag illustrerat två nya motiv till deras populära födelsetavla-kollektion.

Skapa din egen unika födelsetavla i ditt barns verkliga födelselängd. Skisserna skalas i naturlig storlek.



In the blog I share my everyday life among brushes, pencils and panels. Sometimes it even slips in one or two posts about home decor or DIY tips as it's also close to my heart.



Welcome to SWART - Sanna Wieslander ART. I work as an illustrator and artist and have since 2013 mainly worked with illustrating posters. Right now I'm studying to be a decor painter. Join me on my creative journey!

Feel free to check me out on social media to take part of campaigns at my retailers, new illustrations, DIY tips and some glimpses of decorative painting that I learn along the way during my education.