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Welcome to SWART - Sanna Wieslander ART. I work as an artist and illustrator and have since 2013 mainly worked with illustrating motifs for posters. In recent years, I have also furthered my education as a gilder, decorative painter and surface finisher. So today I live my dream and work with everything from making illustrations to gilded artwork and large murals. Feel free to follow me on my creative journey!

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NEW - Sanna Wieslander goes bananas. A brand new collection where I mix old motifs and techniques with modern ones and with a touch of just... bananas! Because who doesn't get happy of bananas?  These products are sent directly from me and all fine art prints are signed by hand.


In the blog I share my everyday life among brushes, pencils and gold leafs. Sometimes it even slips in one or two posts about home decor or DIY tips as it's also close to my heart.