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Gilded rocking chair

I've been working a lot at Colorama/Billingefärg lateley, so I haven't been able to work full-time with my own company (hence it's been a little quieter from me than usual). But 1-2 days a week I work with my own projects or customer assignments. Among other things, I received this lovely rocking chair from a couple who asked if I could fix it.

The chair was badly damaged and the paint layer was also very brittle in many places, so we concluded that it was best to sand the whole thing down and spray paint it for the most durable result. All said and done, I hand it in to the awesome Labbås interior varnish in Tidaholm.

The chair turned out like new! I really recommend Labbå's interior varnish if you want to freshen up kitchen doors or furniture etc.

Now it was time for me to paint the pattern again! I had previously chalked out the original pattern which I then drew again on the rocking chair. We concluded that the pattern would be similar to the original but a little "cleaner" and chose to remove the flower paintings and only stick to gold and brass.

The lines are starting to fall into place.

Gilding the larger shapes with brass leaves.

What would life be without duct tape?

Time to go on the headrest.

Many details but very fun and meditative.

Tadaa! We also added the couple's initials to the headrest. I also patinated the gold/brass a bit to make it look a bit older so it spoke better with the style of the rocking chair. In the end, it painted a few layers with floor varnish on it so that the goldpainting will hold up properly.

Some difference from the original condition though? :)

Thanks for a very fun assignment! :)



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