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On behalf of Gallerix. I illustrated two new motifs for their popular birth poster collection. With these motifs, you can then create your own unique birth chart by choosing frame, text, date of birth and color. When you enter your child's birth height, the length of the sketch is adjusted accordingly and printed in a 1:1 scale, natural size. Only available for sale at Gallerix.

Technique: Ink/digitally


Below you can see a selection of what I have worked with over the years. I like to draw with graphite pencils, both by hand and digitally and have worked with everything from posters, advertising, printed matter, wallpaper and portraits. Need something illustrated? Don't hesitate to get in touch for any small or large assignments!



Since 2019 I have been illustrating animal motifs for Nordens Ark. Every year I draw new animal motifs that they want to highlight and then these are printed on several different products that are for sale in their own shop in the park. Over the years, I have also illustrated pictures for various information brochures, magazines and for signs in the park.

Below you can see some examples of the illustrations I have drawn for Nordens Ark. The motifs are drawn both digitally and by hand with graphite pencils and have then been printed on mugs, posters, post cards, tote bags, etc. These products are only available for purchase in Nordens Ark's own shop and all profits go to their hard work saving endangered animals.


In one of Västtrafik's major advertising campaigns for the West pride festival in Gothenburg I portrayed Västtrafik's CEO, Lars Bäckström in "Tom of Finland style".

Technique: Graphite pencils/digitally