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Artist of the month at Printler.

You who have hung out with me here for a while know that I previously ran my own webshop and printed and sent my posters and prints myself directly to my dear customers. Then life took a little tango. We got a baby girl, moved to a new city and I started studying full time at Tibro's craft academy. All of a sudden there was not enough time and I chose to close my webshop and sell through other retailers instead. As with Printler for example! I am SO happy about this collaboration. It feels so safe to know that my illustrations are really handled by professionals. They keep a close eye on everything that has to do with the printing process, use paper of the highest quality and are sent nicely packaged with care to the customers.

And you know what? Right now I am the artist of the month at Printler! Feel free to have a look at their website to read more. Right now they also have up to 30% off on all posters and prints if you use the code "SPRING21" when you arrive at the checkout. (Read more here.)



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