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Birth posters at Gallerix!

As long as I've wanted to tell you this! Lately, I've been working with Gallerix to create two new babies for their super popular birth poster collection! AND NOW THEY ARE LIVE!

Vi call these two babies for Cuddle and Sweet dreams.

The illustrations are drawn with lots of love! With these motifs, you can then create your own unique birth poster by choosing framing, texts, birth data and color. When you enter your child's birth length, the length of the sketch is adjusted accordingly and printed on a scale of 1: 1, natural size. In addition to your child's name, you can also enter the date of birth, time of birth, birth weight and a personal little message that makes your birth poster completely unique.

These posters costs SEK 495 / pc. Psst! Right now Gallerix has 50% off on all their posters for all new members on their website!

You can only find these birth posters at my new, lovely retailer Gallerix. If you are curious and want to know more, you can also read more about my creative journey and the creation behind these babies in an exclusive interview with Gallerix HERE.

Photos taken by: Martina Wärenfäldt (


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