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Bye, bye SWART!

Yes, you read that right. Now it's time for me to slowly close my shop. Because on Friday we will move to Skövde! To a new chapter in life with house, new city, new wonderful people! Maybe to get a new job?, maybe start studying? Well, time will tell. Previously, my partner has commuted weekly, but since Ebba came to the world, we've got a completely different perspective on life. So now we will move a little closer to his job so we can see each other every day and have more time for family. But I will off course still keep my business running and freelance!

Because off all this, I have decided to close down my webshop within a near future since I also need to move from my studio in Gothenburg further on. So! Now there's a grand sale in my shop! When all posters and prints are sold out - the webshop will be closed down.

Now you'll get 30% off on all my art prints and posters! And as I mentioned in previous posts, you also get stickers in every order all the way until Christmas eve! So take the opportunity to shop Christmas gifts now! <3

Please note that the last day to order in my webshop to ensure you get them in time for Christmas Eve, is Monday, December 16, 2019 (as I will not be in the studio as frequently in the near future).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! For all your support during these 6 years. For all likes and comments on social media and for buying my art and to let them be a part of your homes. I would never been able to do this journey without you! THANK YOU! <3

See you soon!

Love / Sanna



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