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DIY – Babygym

Helloo! I just wanted to check in and say I'm still here! But now the days have been changed from working full time to cuddling with our little baby girl most of the time instead. It's so lovely! I have never seen myself as a "baby person" before pregnancy. But now I can't get enough of smelling that precious little thing. It's really amazing to be on maternity leave with her. <3

But sometimes I need to work as well! And then Ebba is joining me in the studio.

I've been nesting a lot at home. Painting the kids room, cleaning and making it nice for Ebba (as she would notice? haha) But I guess that's a thing most new moms goes through. And! I've made a baby gym! It turned out pretty nice and unexpectedly popular. So I thought I would share how I made it here :)

This is how it looks like:

If you think it looks nice and would like to make a similar one this is what you need:

  1. Saw

  2. 4 wooden slats of 60 cm

  3. 1 round bar. 21 mm in diameter and about 70 cm long.

  4. Wooden plug

  5. Sand paper

  6. Drill

  7. Leather straps

  8. Paint

  9. Things to hang in the gym. (I sew different kind of animals with bells in them)

Start by cutting the wooden slats to the desired length, mine are 60 cm long.Measure and then mark out where the round bar should sit, I put it about 8 cm down. Use a drill that is as wide as the round bar.In my case 21 mm.

Then measure out where you want the leather straps. Both on the wooden slats and on the round bar. I have 10 cm intervals on the holes on the round bar and put the hole on the wooden slats 40 cm down. Drill! I used a 5 mm drill.

Also drill a slightly larger hole at each end of the round bar with space for a wooden plug. This will act as a stop so that the wooden slats do not slip off the round bar and also makes the baby gym stands steady. I used an 8 mm wooden plug and drill.

When all holes are drilled, sand with sandpaper so the wood is smooth and free of any chips. I also chose to saw off the wooden slats diagonally at the bottom.

You can have the wood naturally as it is or choose to paint it in any color. I myself mixed some old white wall paint that we had at home with water and painted on. So the wood got a "white glazed look".

Then just put all the parts together!

Now it's time to decide how to decorate it!

I chose to sew small animals in felt. Have them as they are or sew in small bells so it also sounds a bit when the little one is playing. Otherwise, wooden blocks in different colors, toys you have at home, etc. also work.

Also made some clouds.

My mom kept me company and sew some animals as well.

Then it can also be good for the little one to have something soft to lie on. One, plaid or double-folded blanket is fine! I myself took an old pillowcase from IKEA and filled it with batting which I cut.

Then it's ready! Ebba seems to like it so far! Especially the little deer to the right.

If you are lucky, it also keeps your partner busy for a while! ;)



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