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Halloween crafts - Ghosts in plaster.

Now it's finally time for my favorite holiday of the year - Halloween! It's such a fun season to be creative! This year we found a tip from Panduro on how to make plaster ghosts which we had to try! Both Ebba and I thought it was so much fun and turned out so well, so we're sharing this in case there are more craft fans out there! :)

Panduro's description can be found HERE .

Make a frame out of cardboard and balloons (tape them together properly). I also brushed a little vaseline on the balloon and the cardboard pieces so that the plaster would come off easier once it's dried.

Dip the fabric in plaster and hang over the frame. (We used stone plaster and cut a piece of a sheet that we measured first so it fits the shape we built before.) And don't forget to protect the table! It gets pretty messy!

Let dry and then remove the balloon and cardboard inside.

Cut out black eyes out of paper and glue them on.

Ebba thought my eyes made the ghost look a little too scary so she chose "googly eyes" with long black eyelashes instead (we cut the eyelashes out of paper). Then she also wanted red hearts on the cheek of her ghost because then it is clear that it is a kind ghost ;) How cute? Then all you have to do is to insert a battery-powered light loop inside and they will glow so nicely when it's dark!

Thank you Panduro for this great tip on Halloween crafts!



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