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Marbled entrance in century house.

We are now done with the marbling in the entrance! It has been so exciting to follow and be a part of this renovation. Bo på Sekelhus has really put a lot of time and soul into equipping this property in true Sekelhus spirit! I've been marbling high and low and it has been so much fun!

Here are some pictures from the process itself.

This is how it looked the first time I visited. (Before)

And after a period of work from tilers, electricians, carpenters and painters, it looked like this. Check out the stucco with lighting in the ceiling! How beautiful?

And this is what it looked like from the other side. The old entrance door is still here, which was then replaced with the grain painted one that I wrote about in previous posts. Now it was time for me to start painting along the walls.

We sketched and first started by painting the green parts. Bo from Sekelhus wanted a warm, green "swedish green" marble and a slightly beige marble in the middle fields.

We waited to marble the chest molding above as Bo was unsure whether it would be marbled into the green or would break into some other colour.

The green fields are done and it's time to start painting beige! The wish was for the marble to be similar to the wall color above the chest molding (possibly slightly darker) and to break with slightly darker cracks. Here is the first layer.

So it became a little Ekeberg-inspired-marble to try to build up the right finish that he wanted.

Bo decided in the end that we should marble the chest molding. Here you can see the three different types of marble I have painted. White cararra on the pilasters, "swedish green" marble and a beige ekebergs-inspired marble in the middle fields.

And now it's done! Here, the vein-painted door has also come into place. What remains (But which I will not do) is to paint the wall area around the door. Here you can also see a glimpse of the pillar, which I have also marbled and gilded details on in brass (I forgot to take a picture of that process, however).

Surely there was a little difference if you scroll up to the first before image? Thank you Bo på Sekelhus for the trust and for a fantastically fun painting assignment!



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