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New illustrations for Nordens Ark.

Do you remember last year when I was illustrating animals for Nordens Ark which were then printed on cups, cloth bags and posters for their lovely little shop? Now I've made new motifs for 2020! This time we chose to illustrate bison, Nordic bee, przewalski's horse and the white-backed woodpecker.

The idea behind the illustrations is to highlight some of the animals that Nordens Ark works hard to protect and preserve. For example the nordic bee, which is disappearing today to a large extent due to the use of environmental toxins, agricultural landscapes with monocultures and overgrowth. I have chosen to draw the animals as detailed pencil drawings as it's kind of my signature and want to give the motifs that wonderful "old school poster feeling". I'm so happy that I get to participate and create four new motifs for Nordens Ark! Now they are available as limited art prints and printed on mugs in their own shop. Hurry up before they run out and help Nordens Ark saving these animals!

Here are some pictures from their shop.

I must admit that I felt a bit proud when I walked in to their shop the other day (I mean look at that silly, happy face?). Do you want to know more about Nordens Ark? Check out their website and read more HERE.



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