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NEW! - Sanna Wieslander goes bananas.

I have been hinting about my banana theme quite a bit lately on social media. I am currently working on a brand new collection called "Sanna Wieslander goes bananas". A collection where I mix old motifs and techniques with modern ones and with a touch of, yes that's right... bananas! Because who doesn't get happy from bananas? 

It all started almost two years ago when I was studying to become a gilder and decorative painter at Tibro's craft academy when I took a course in casting. We would learn how to create a mold of a small optional object. At that time, I always had bananas with me as a snack and when we had to choose an item, my "11 coffee banana" layed there on the bench and then I thought it might be fun to mold it?

When the mold was ready I cast bananas in plaster like there were no tomorrow which I gilded and painted in different techniques. I don't know what it was about those bananas, but they made me so happy! I played with that idea and theme and also started to think of motifs for posters.

Right then we also studied, among other things art history, everything from ornaments, architecture, statues, art, different idioms, painting techniques and gilding. I became intrerested in old statues and thought it would have been fun if they could hold a banana instead? It feels disarming and fun somehow. Then I also had the opportunity to intertwine what I have worked with before as an illustrator where I created posters with my new education and interest. It was like a nice transition, drawing statues with bananas. I created sketches and planned for the future and now! Two years later I have finally had time to work on this. This banana theme makes me, for some strange reason, just as happy now as then!

I used to draw everything by hand with pencil on paper before, but I have chosen to draw these motifs digitally on a drawing board to be able to work with more details. However, still in graphite pencil style! I have also played a little with the perspective so that it looks like they are looking out of their passepartout.

Now my two new illustrations "Snack time" and "Cravings" in the collection "Sanna Wieslander goes bananas" are availiable in my brand new webshop!. They are printed as high quality art prints in the size 30x40 cm and are signed by hand. And not only that! There are also handmade bananas for sale. These are natural-size, cast in stone plaster and have then been marbled and decoratively painted in various ways. So have a look in my new shop! Hope you enjoy going bananas as much as I do! Because there will be more of that stuff from me in the future :)

Snack time - 30x40 cm.

Cravings - 30x40 cm.

All fine art prints in this collection are signed by hand when you buy directly from me.

And this is how they look on the wall! Right now I have a Christmas offer - get 200 SEK off when you purchase two fine art prints. The offer is valid until 31/12-2023.

A bunch of marbled and gilded leopard bananas. These are in stock right now but more bananas in new costumes are being added continuously!



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