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”Nordens Ark goes Sanna Wieslander"

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I've been working on animal illustrations for Nordens Ark this spring. These illustrations have then been printed on new products for their shop in the park. Previously, this was a bit of a secret, but now it's finally time for release! On their 30th birthday party, 15th of June to be precise! I'm so excited about this!

So come and celebrate with us! I will be in the park all day long talking about the illustrations and signing prints. Read more info about the party schedule here:

Among other things, 11 framed limited edition prints will be on auction. The illustration depicts the snake necked turtle with a map on the shell (that I have drawn). Why there are 11 is because there are so many turtles that are currently on Nordens Ark.

The snake-necked turtle was last seen on the small island of Roti in Indonesia but is now feared extinct in the wild.Hence the map on the shell. At Nordens Ark, they hold one of Europe's largest breeding colonies in order to be able to return the species to the island of Roti, where they previously lived.

All entries that come in via the auction this Saturday can help this vulnerable species of turtle find its way home again! So join us and bid now!

Here are some pictures from the drawing process of some of the other illustrations I drew for Nordens Ark. You will find these on new wonderful products in their shop on Saturday. On posters for example!

Det här är bara en liten tjuvkik. Mer bilder kommer efter kalaset. Hoppas att vi ses där! :)

(Continuation of post)

Hello again! Now we have returned home from a really wonderful birthday party at Nordens Ark. So many people! Someone whispered that it was even a record number of visitors. I'm so happy for them! It really was a great day! And when you have a little too much fun that you easily forget to take pictures. But I talked with the lovely staff at Nordens Ark so now I'm a few photos richer. And here they come:

Signing all limited edition prints on the Snake necked turtle. During the day, 2 of 11 art prints were promoted. An open and a silent auction (The rest is saved for other special occasions).

Signed, numbered and framed!

A small presentation before it was time for auction of art print no. 2/11. (Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the lovely audience.)

This is Jimmy (Turtle expert on Nordens Ark), me and the fantastic Sixten (in the middle) who bid home the snake necked turtle no. 2/11 for SEK 10,000! Incredible! THANK YOU Sixten! The money goes directly to help the endangered snake necked turtle return to Indonesia again.

No party without cake!

This is what it looks like in one of the corners of the store right now. New products with my illustrations on.

Posters, posters, posters.

My parents bought some new mugs for their summer house.

When I was little, my future dream job was to be an artist or animal keeper. So it's not so bad to now be an artist who works together with a park who helps endangered animals. #pinchingmyarm

Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing assignment and a really wonderful birthday party! I really hope to see you all again soon! Hugs to you all!

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