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Paper feathers

A few years ago I showed how to easily make paper feathers here on the blog. They turned out so nice so I felt that I wanted to share this again now during Easter and isolation times. All you need is some paper, glue, barbecue sticks and a scissor.

Buy or use paper you have at home that you think is nice. (Use slightly thicker sheets of paper for best results). Take two sheets of paper and glue them tightly with pin glue all over the backs. Then place the barbecue stick in between.

Place the other glued paper over the stick (with the glued sides facing each other) and press and smooth thoroughly. Let dry.

Draw the feather shape along the barbecue stick (it will act as a shaft).


You can also draw your own pattern if you wish. Let the imagination flow!

Or use old post cards.

Cut thin strips towards the stick.

Et voila!

Aren't they cute? And they are very easy to make! I think it will look best if you make a few so it becomes like a bouquet. Works super well as Easter decorations or why not as a decoration all year round?



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