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It's been all about patterns lately! Wallpaper, fabrics and everyday products, my instagram feed has been filled with wonderful different patterns (in all the houndreds interios accounts that I follow). I can't help myself to be inspired and curious how to make my own. Said and done, I booked myself into a distance course in pattern design.

So lately I have been sitting here at home with my pencils and drawing pad experimenting. Here's a little peek from our first workshop. Simple drawings of different rosehip flowers from my drawing pad were put together and became a digital pattern. It was so fun to learn and see how the pattern slowly grows.

Experimenting with different colors.

All of a sudden, a new world has opened up and I see patterns in just about everything!

If you would also like to learn how to make patterns (or something else creative), I really recommend looking at Art college's website. I have taken courses there in both pattern design and digital pattern design in photoshop led by the pattern artist Cecilia Pettersson. She's really great! Check it out!



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