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Royal inauguration of the turtle ark at Nordens Ark.

As you may know, I illustrate some for Nordens Ark. For the fifth year in a row now, I illustrate limited edition motifs every year that are printed on lots of different products in their own store in the park. I am so very proud, happy and grateful to be a small, small part in their hard work to save endangered animals! This year I also illustrated pictures for their large information sign outside the turtle ark and last Thursday it was finally time for the inauguration! And what a lovely day we had! The sun was shining and they had arranged everything so incredibly nicely for this big day! The Crown Princess Victoria, the postcode lottery, radio and television and everyone who has been involved in some way were there.

This is what the invitation looked like that went out to everyone involved. A snake-necked turtle that I drew for Nordens Ark.

The day started with a lovely lunch outdoors with live music.

Then we walked over to the ark.

A little speech before the opening (with Ellen Ljungqvist's fantastic mosaic turtles in the foreground).

Mats Höggren (CEO), Crown Princess Victoria, Jimmy Helgesson (tortoise expert) and a Greek country tortoise ensured that the ribbon was cut and the ark was inaugurated.

Our daughter Ebba thought it was very exciting with the turtles.

And here is the sign that I've been illustrating pictures for. Happy girls!

Illustrated a turtle how it looks inside (It can't crawl out of its shell like in the cartoon!).

As well as some line illustrations.

So fun to bring Ebba on this! She was so happy!

The best supporters were there! <3 (Mom, Dad and Ebba)

My own little corner in the shop.

Tomorrow the new motifs will be released on lots of different products! I wish I could have stayed another day so I could see them for myself.

A small draft from Bohusläningen where Ebba and I got to be in the picture.

Thank you Nordens Ark for an absolutely fantastic day! So cool to finally see this live! If you want to read more about Nordens Ark, the turtle ark and their hard work to save endangered animals, you can do so HERE.



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