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Svenskt Tenn

In September, I received a call from my dear cousin who works at Svenskt Tenn asking if I could make some marbled backgrounds for the photography of their Christmas collection - Atlantis. And I got so excited!

I received a clear sketch from Svenskt Tenn of which types of marble they wanted, measurements, shape and how it would be composed. Then it was time to get started! However, it was quite a tight schedule. I had about a week before they needed to be sent up for the shoot. During this time, I also worked a lot at Colorama in Skövde, so I had to sit every evening/night and work with this (From the living room to my family's delight haha). But it was an intense week but so much fun!

Here are some pictures from the process.

Large mdf boards that were primed and varnished.

Slowly a triangle pattern is built up with different types of marbles. Here I have laid brass as a base for one piece and made the first layer of a Swedish green marble on another.

One piece ready!

Done! This is how they looked before I sent them up to Stockholm.

Tada!After some magic in their photo studio, I then had these photos sent to me.

Cool huh? If you want to see more, the pictures are now also up on their website And soon there may be more if you go in and follow them on Instagram ;)

Thank you Hanna and Svenskt Tenn for a super fun project!



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