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Wall painting in kids room.

Now we have lived in our house in Skövde for almost 3 months. The house was built in 2014 so everything is still new and in good condition but we still felt that we wanted to repaint almost all rooms so we got it exactly as we wanted it (Read colorful = white, and different shades of gray and beige ;). So the last few months I have spent hanging out with our little Ebba, unpacking moving boxes and painting, painting and painting! (hence a short break here on the blog)

It didn't feel so exciting to show how our walls can look in different gray, freshly painted shades. But the last room we made in order, in Ebba's room, we wanted to make it a little more personal and went off with a wall painting.

Since both me and my partner love to be out in nature and have hiked in the Alps several times, it was not so difficult to choose a motive. It became mountains! As we painted with slats of what was left in the paint cans.

And this is how it turned out in the end!

The lower "mountain range" is the color we used to our bedroom and the upper which is heaven, is the one we used to our living room. Then I just mixed those colors to get two other intermediate shades for the other fields. For the snow and clouds I used a warm white color (Same color I used to paint our hallway with).

This is how I build up the wall painting.

Before picture. Cute wallpaper but not really our style.

I masked up how I wanted it to look with tape and painted a dark foundation at the bottom like small hills.

Painted the sky with our "living room color".

Sketched up and masked how I wanted the middle mountain sections.

Painted the mountains with the shades I got from the "bottom color" and the sky color ".

Then I masked where I wanted the snow and clouds to be and painted the areas with white paint.

Et voila!

A little tricky to get all the tape right but not that difficult at all! The masking tape is my new best friend! Hope this can inspire you to dare to paint a little on the walls at home. Now we'll just decorate the room aswell! The idea is that we will build a house bed, a small play tent and decorate with lots of cozy lighting and fluff! To be continued.



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