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Welcome to new SWART!

As you may see, the website has got a whole new look! As I start studying full time at Tibro's craft academy this autumn, I have chosen to close down my own webshop. There's simply not enough time for all the fun at once nowadays. When the shop disappeared, I also took the opportunity to redo the page completely as the old one didn't really hold the measure anymore. I also copied over some of the 179 blog posts so that some posts and DIY tips remain. So warmly welcome to the new SWART - Sanna Wieslander ART!

Here I will post everything creatively that I do along my education but of course also new illustrations and DIY tips just like before. Even if I no longer have my webshop, it is still possible to buy my illustrations through new, lovely retailers. And not just as prints and posters! My illustrations are now also available printed on cloth bags, watches, bedding, thermos mugs and lots of other products! You find all my retailers HERE. (Below you see some examples of new products)

Hope you want to join me on my creative journey!



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