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Wooden shields become marble.

I have done some work for Sekelhus in Falköping and now they wanted to create their own coats of arms for their property building which they have renovated. Such a fun project! Sekelhus made the design and three smaller shields were cut out of oak. I was commissioned to marble these in the same "swedish green" marble that is in the house. I gilded the rings with brass and patinated them to get a slightly older look. Here you can see before and after pictures of how they turned out.

This is how they looked before. There was quite a rough grain in the wood so there was some preliminary work before I could start marbling to get a smooth and nice marble surface. The shields are quite small, about 25 cm high.

And this is what they looked like after marbling and gilding! So fun to work on making a material look like something completely different!



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