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Marmorerade pelare i trapphus.

It's so fun to finally be working again after maternity leave and two years of craft studies. It felt a bit unsettled there for a while when I quit my studio in Gothenburg and moved to Skövde. Being completely new in a city where I don't know anyone. I kind of had to market, network and rebuild the company again (in the middle of a pandemic). But it's been so much fun and what a fantastic reply I've received! Skövde has really welcomed us with open arms and I'm enjoying myself so much here now! Now I also have more legs to stand on and focus more and more on decorative painting, and it makes me happy that so many people want to take care of the old craftsmanship. So you will get to hang out with me on many decorative painting projects in the future!

Last week I worked in an apartment building on Vasagatan here in Skövde where five columns were to be marbled in "Swedish green" marble. They just renovated the stairwell and repainted the walls from red tones to a bit more green and grey-scale and wanted the columns to match. So then I got to visit!

I was given a color code for the capital and base to be repainted, as well as sanding and priming the columns before I could start marbling. This is how they looked before (in the entrance):

This is how it turned out afterwards!

Surely it got a little nicer? They will also redo the stairs and polish the floors so it will be new and fresh. It will be super nice! More pictures from the process as well as pictures of the remaining pillars comes here:

Close up of how the base layer looked like before.

Capital and base painted and the pilar before marbling.

Building a first layer.

In the first layer, I also remove paint to create cracks and shifts. After that I make layer number two following by a top coat. The result turned out like this:

Thanks Celander for a fun assignment! And thank you all residents of the house for a lovely company :)


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