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Pilasters painted as cararra marble.

Now the painters are starting to finish all the walls in the house and it is time for me to start decorative painting along the walls. First up are the pilasters in the stairwell and on all levels. 13 pilasters to be precise are gping to be painted to white, "soft", cararra marble. It looked like this.

A pilaster is a slightly protruding wall column. These are cast in polyurethane and then the painters have primed them with white, matt lacquer and now it's time for me to decoratively paint them to marble. The wall areas are also to be marbled further forward in green and beige marble according to Sekelhus' wishes.

Preparing for painting.

This is what the first brushstrokes look like. And then it will slowly turn into a soft cararra marble.

And this is what it looks like when it's done. Only 12 to go!

Working slowly and safely on.

It is very practical to be 1.58 cm tall ;)

Here all the pilasters in the entrance are marbled, lacquered and clear. The new grain-painted double door has also been installed in the meantime (as I wrote about in previous posts). However, it is difficult to see the grain in this picture in all the backlighting.

Working my way up in the stairwell.

Here you can also see the skirting boards that I painted in grain to match the door. (More about that in a separate post). The next step is to start with the marbling in the wall fields in the stairwell's entrance.



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